Our menu includes award winning burgers, salads, fountain treats and dinner specials. Breakfast available too! Our retro 1950s theme diner is filled with nostalgic memorabilia. Bee Bop down to The Stardust Diner for authentic 50’s fun!
The original, classic diner is a modular restaurant built in a factory and shipped to its site complete with furniture, fixtures and equipment. Throughout their history, diners have been neighborhood restaurants which attract a cross-section of America, from factory workers to high society. The roadside diner was born in 1872 in Providence, Rhode Island, as a horse drawn wagon, operating only at night after all restaurants had closed for the evening. Over the 116 year history of the diner, the function has always been to provide a good, inexpensive, home style meal in a comfortable atmosphere, but the design of the building has changed. The diner industry turned out ornate, elaborate wagons during the Victorian era. Less elaborate lunch cars were built in the "machine era" of the late 1920s. Sleek, streamlined gems characterized the forward-looking 1930s. This period, and the post-World War II boom, was the golden age of the diner, when the newest and flashiest materials were put to use in diner design. Colonial and Mediterranean-style diners/restaurants became the standard image after the fast food boom encroached upon the diner's turf in the 1960s and 1970s. 1989: The first Silver Diner, an innovative, brand new, old-style diner built by Kullman Industries, Avenel, New Jersey, opened for business at the Mid-Pike Plaza, Rockville, Maryland. 1997: The first Silver Diner comes to the Philadelphia-area, the "Broadway" of diner cuisine, with the opening of the restaurant chain's 11th Northeast U.S. outlet in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 2000: Silver Diner opened its newest generation prototype with its first store in Virginia Beach, Virginia and another store in a mall, Lake Forest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
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