2015 ______________ Home Brewers Winter Classic People‚Äôs Choice, Peppermint Patty Porter 2014 ______________ COHO Spring Fling 2nd Place Category 20A, (Fruit Beer) Slurp & Burp Open 3rd Place Category 22A (Vanilla Porter)   Pouring At the Coast Home Brew Contest 3rd Place Class 5 (American IPA) 2014 National Homebrew Competition Gold Certificate: Imperial IPA SC10 (39.3 pts) Silver Certificate: Fruit Beer Razzle Dazzle (31 pts) Bronze Certificate: Spice, Herb, Veggie Kilkee's Vanilla Porter (28 pts) Bronze Certificate: American Pale Ale Headcase Ale (28 pts) 2013 ______________ Sasquatch Home Brew Contest 2nd Place Category 19A (Strong Ale)   Oregon Brew Crew Fall Classic 3rd Place Category 31 (Fresh Hop Ale)   Oregon Brew Crew Member Awards Merle Gilmore Memorial Bung (Orange Bung) For Exemplary Volunteerism and Service to the Club